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How to Download Older Versions of Apps

Many developers are now creating iOS 7 versions of their apps. ​Unfortunately,​ the iOS 7 version will not sync to devices running iOS 6 or earlier.​


Bad News: When you download an app (or update and app) in iTunes on your computer, the only option you have is todownload the most recent version of that app. 


Good news: Apple now is allowing developers to keep older versions of apps available to users through the App Store on iOS devices (but not on the computer). If the developer has chosen
to leave legacy versions of apps available in the App Store, choosing to download an app will grab the most recent version of the app that is supported and installs it on the device.


- 1. Download the app from the App Store on each device.


- 1. Download the app on one device.
- 2. Sync that device to iTunes on your computer. The new app should transfer the "new purchase" to iTunes. (If you are not sure if it transferred, you can control-click on the device in iTunes and select Transfer Purchases.
- 3. Then sync the other devices. (The new app should transfer from iTunes.)

Even though the Apps in iTunes ask you to update, DO NOT UPDATE APPS in iTunes on your computer!



Non-camera iPods can still take advantage of this feature.
Click here for a partial list of apps for non-camera iPods running iOS 4.2.1.