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Integrating iPods into your Writing Block

Do your students have their iPods out on their desks during the writing block?  I will share with you at least 6 +1 reasons you can utilize iPods as a writing tool in your classroom. 

Links to the iTunes Store for the apps I discussed during my session:
SimpleMind+ - This is a mind mapping app that will allow you to helps students brainstorm and organize their ideas. app - This app has a great Thesaurus and is a great tool to use for word study.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary App- I love this app because it has a voice to text option that helps students find words they don't know how to spell. 
Grammar Jammers Primary- Great short videos about grammar, sentence types, and punctuation. For primary grades.
Grammar Jammers Elementary- $$ Great short videos about grammar, sentence types, and punctuation. For all elementary grades.
Evernote - This is a note taking tool that allows you to type (word process), integrate photos, and voice memos.
Sonic Pics - This app allows you to voice record over photos to create a slideshow type of movie.
Story Kit - Very similar to Sonic Pics but also allows you to add text.
Puppet Pals - This is a digital puppet theater. The in app $$ purchase allows you to create your own backgrounds and puppets. Limited to 3 backgrounds.
Edmodo - Education social media tool that will allow students to create, collaborate, share, and communicate with each other.
Splice - Free movie making tool. You can use still images as well.
iMovie - $$ Great movie making app that allows you to film and edit. There is an amazing trailer making portion that creates simple movies.

Apps that come on your device:
Voice Memos

Jo-Ann Fox
Reidy Creek Elementary
Fourth Grade Teacher
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Tom Borer,
Jul 14, 2012, 10:33 PM