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iOS Devices - How to Set Up a Master & Backup

Procedures for a new school year:
You will need to create a Master iPod for each model of iPod you have for your classroom.

These items need be done in iTunes.
Clean up the sidebar.
(You may have already done this.)
You may need to go up to View > Show Sidebar.

- delete unnecessary playlists
- Hide items.
- Go to iTunes > Preferences
- click on General tab
- deselect:
iTunes DJ
Shared Libraries

- Hide Shared items
Remove all but the basic apps. Keep it to no more than six to begin with: Dictionary, Accelerated Reader, etc. This will minimize the amount of time that it takes to transfer apps to the iPods during the initial setup.

All other apps can be moved to the trash, as they are all available under the “Purchased” menu on the iTunes store. 


* The less Apps you start with, the faster the Restoring from backup will go.

Click on the image to see larger version.
Make sure you have at least one audio file in all of your syncing playlists.  Put at least one movie in your - Movies playlist.

Syncing Playlists should all start with a dash.
Dashed folders help you to distinguish between syncing playlists and your regular playlists.
Since playlists are automatically alphabetized in iTunes, dashed folders will stay grouped together AND will be forced to the top.

* If you are using smart playlists, update all smart playlists to the beginning of the year lists.

Open iPhoto and
set up your syncing albums. Syncing Albums should start with a dash.
Unlike the Syncing Playlists in iTunes, you do not need to put anything in the Syncing Albums.

Plug in one iPod and click on the Summary tab and then click Restore.
This will wipe the iPod clean and update the iOS if needed. (You do not need to perform a backup before restoring the iPod.)

Once the restore is complete, go through each of the menus in iTunes for that iPod and check off the following options:

Apps Tab

- Check "Sync Apps"
- Check all the Apps listed
(command-click to select all)

- Check "Automatically sync new apps"

Music Tab

Check "Sync Music"
- DO NOT check "music videos," "voice memos,"  & "Automatically fill free space"
- Check all of your syncing playlists.
(Remember your syncing playlists start with dashes.)

* You can either manage videos as Movies or TV Shows.
Use whichever method works best for you.

Movies Tab
(Do this if you are not going to manage videos as TV Shows)

- Check Sync Movies
- DO NOT check Automatically Include
DO NOT check individual movies
- check the syncing playlist
(Remember your syncing playlists start with dashes.)

TV Shows Tab
(Do this if you are not going to manage videos as Movies)

- Check Sync TV Shows
DO NOT check Automatically Include
- DO NOT check individual shows or episodes
- check the syncing playlists

- Leave this unchecked

iTunes U
- Leave this unchecked

Books Tab

- Check "Sync Books"
- Check "All books"

- Check "Sync Audiobooks"
- Check "Selected audiobooks"

* We'll show you how to manage books later.

Photos Tab

- Check "Sync Photos from iPhoto"
- Check "Selected albums, events, and faces, and automatically include no events
- DO NOT include videos
- check the syncing albums (Remember your syncing albums start with dashes.)

* You do not want to select the unique albums that will be used for individual iPods (-1, -2, -3, -4, etc.) You will need to do that after setting up each iPod.
Click "Apply" in the bottom right-hand corner of iTunes and allow the iPod to sync.

In the iTunes sidebar,
- Rename the iPod "Master iPod"

Unplug the iPod and "Slide to unlock" 

Next steps are to be done on the Master iPod 
Tap on Settings and Connect to your school's Wi-Fi.
* This is an important step so you don’t have to do it to each one individually. Get the master set up correctly.
Under Settings > General > Restrictions
- Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode that you will remember.
(Students do not need to know this.)

- Turn OFF the following:
- YouTube
- Camera (optional)
- FaceTime
- iTunes
- Ping
- Deleting Apps
DO NOT turn OFF "Installing Apps"

- Leave In-App Purchase
- Turn OFF Multiplayer Games
- Turn OFF Adding Friends

Under Settings > "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
- Tap on "Fetch New Data - Push"
- Turn OFF Push

Return to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
- Turn ON Always Bcc Myself

* You can change the signature if you want, but it is unnecessary.

* You will be making 2 accounts.

The first account (Gmail) will be used to email out projects to the teacher.
The second (iCloud) will be used to activate the Find my iPod feature.
Under Settings > "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

- Tap "Add Account"
- Tap "Gmail"

- Name:  01 studentname
(for example 01 Maria)
- Address:
(click here to find your class's account)
- Password: (contact Tom, or Scott)
- DescriptioniPod email
-Tap Next in the top right-hand corner

<Wait for Verification>

- Leave Mail ON
- Turn OFF Calendars
- Turn OFF Notes

-Tap the Save button

- Tap on the newly created "iPod email" account

- Tap  on "Account"

- Tap on "Advanced" at the bottom

- Turn OFF "Use SSL"

- Tap on the small Account button at the top-left of the screen.
- Tap on the small Done button at the top-right of the screen

<Wait for Verification>

This may take some time.

- Tap OK on the error message
Tap on the small <Done>  button at the top-right of the screen
- Tap Save

Return to:  "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

- Tap "Add Account"

- Tap "iCloud"

- Type your Apple ID you use with your iTunes account
- Type your Password you use with your iTunes account
- Tap Next

- Tap OK to Allow the use of Location

- Turn OFF Mail
- Turn OFF Contacts
- Turn OFF Calendars
- Turn OFF Bookmarks
- Turn OFF Notes

- Turn ON Find my iPod.
* If you do not have an "official" iCloud account, you will only have the "Find My iPod" option showing.

-Tap Save

If your iCloud account says “Not Verified,” check your email inbox for a message from Apple. Click Verify Now and sign in with your Apple ID.

Return to Home Screen and
Open the Contacts App

-Tap on the (+) in the top right-hand corner
- First: Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.
- Last: Your Last Name
- email:

Create any links you want to have put on the home screen.
(Edmodo, your teacher webpage, etc.)
Click here to learn how.

If you are using any of the following Apps...

- Set up the server name in Accelerated Reader (online version only)
- If using a notes program with Dropbox, setup the Dropbox account in the app and create a folder for backup named iPod 1 (or whatever your naming convention is.)
Plug in the iPod to your Computer

This will be the Master iPod. All the others will be restored from this backup.
Under the Summary Tab...
- Check the box that says,
Encrypt local backup
It will ask you to create a password.

- Then click Back Up Now

*The backup will keep all of the settings/passwords for email, Wi-Wi, etc. in the backup file.

You are finished with the hard part, and the rest of the iPod setup will be pretty easy from here. 
The following steps you will repeat for each iPod. 
- Plug in the next iPod and click on the Summary tab and then click Restore.

- Click on the Don't Backup button.
You do not need to backup the iPod before restoring.
This will wipe the iPod clean and update the iOS if needed.

The restoring process may take a couple of minutes.

Once the software update is complete
- Restore from the backup of the “perfect” master iPod that you completed in the steps above.
When the restore from backup is complete,
- Rename the iPod to the district naming convention:  ------------------------------------------------->


District Naming Convention:

One-to-One Devices

Classroom Set (not assigned to an individual student)


Now you can unplug that iPod and start another one. Repeat the process for each iPod. 
Once the iPod is unplugged, make sure you change the following settings:

- Connect to the Wi-Fi

Tap on the iCloud account and re-enter the password (your iTunes account password).

- Change the account name in the Gmail account to match the iPod
Name:  01 studentname
(for example 01 Maria)
- Enter the email password and wait for verification
- Tap OK
- Tap Done
- Tap Save

The Following Items are Optional


a - Change the signature of the email (optional) The account name in Gmail already lets you know who sent it.

b - If you are using Dropbox, c
hange the Dropbox backup folder to iPod2 (etc….)

 c -  If using AR, on the first iPod turn on share account settings & on each subsequent iPod choose find account settings and save. (This may need to be done in your classroom as a final step.)

The very last thing you should do to each iPod is:

Under Settings > General > Restrictions
- Enter the passcode
- Tap on Accounts
- Tap on Don't Allow Changes 

Repeat Steps 1 - 6