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iTalk Recorder

  1. Recording Quality
    1. GarageBand - we have discovered that some older versions of GarageBand cannot convert the Good and Betterrecordings created by iTalk* If you record in Best, all versions of GarageBand are able to play the audio file correctly.
    2. If you've already uploaded files not recorded at Best (and they sound like chipmunks in GarageBand), you can create 44.1 KHz, 16-bit copies of those files in iTunes. To do so, go to iTunes Preferences (iTunes > Preferences). Once there you want the General Tab > Import Settings. Set the Import Using to AIFF Encoder and the Setting toCustom. Then choose these options:Then, Command-select all of the files you want to convert in your iTunes library and go to Advanced > Create AIFF Version. This will make a duplicate version of the file at the correct settings for GarageBand. If you get confused which copy is which, look for the column labeled Sample Rate. If you don't see a column with that label, Control-click on the Column Headers and choose Sample Rate. The copy at 44.1 KHz is the one you want to take into GarageBand (drag and drop).
    3. Keynote - we have not seen an issue with the different recording qualities that iTalk creates.
  2. Importing - the only issue we have discovered is with a wireless MacBook Pro. The computer will not make a successful connection with the iPod. If the MacBook Pro is connected through ethernet, everything works. All other computers are working properly.
  3. Handout for using iTalk Pro.