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  • *At this time, due to Apple's change in policy for purchasing Apps for Education, we will only be recommending apps that are FREE. If you would like to learn more about Apple's Volume Purchase Program, please click here.
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    MobileStudio - create text, audio, and images that can be easily transfered from the iPod to a computer.

    Mobile Studio - Magic Button is "Edit"
    • text documents
    • audio files
    • Use "Compact Disk" if the audio files going to GarageBand
    • "FM Radio" is good enough quality for Keynote projects
    • graphics
    go connect to server ftp://10.15.___.___:2121

     MobileStudio Instructions.pdf

  • Download these movies to learn about MobileStudio.
  • MobileStudio part 1.mp4 
    9048k Download
  • MobileStudio part 2.mp4
    7115k Download
  • MobileStudio part 3.mp4
    17720k Download