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Puppet Pals

Creating a Show

Choosing puppets and backgrounds - Handout

How to Make Your Own Puppets

Step One:
Take Pictures of your students using green butcher paper as the background.
Remember to include the floor.

Step Two:
Upload Pictures to iPhoto
  • Click the Import All button to import all the photos that are in your camera / iPod touch.

  • iPhoto asks you if you want to delete the imported photos from your camera, and if you want to import duplicate photos.

  • To import only selected photos, click Import Selected.

Step Three:
Export the photos as JPEGs to a folder (somewhere where you can find them).

Step Four:
Remove Image Backgrounds with Preview

Click Here to learn how

Step Four:
Save each image as a PNG (with Alpha layer).

Step Five:
Transfer Puppets and Backgrounds to each iPod

A. Select the device form the list in iTunes

B. Click on the Apps tab at the top of the iTunes Window

Scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes window

D. Select Puppet Pals

E. Click Add to add puppets and backgrounds.
(Puppets MUST be .png files and backgrounds MUST be .jpg files.)

F. Repeat this process for each iPod.

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