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How to Create a Storyrobe Project

How to Export a Storyrobe Project to a Computer

How to Export a Storyrobe Project through Email

1. Tap on Share Story
2. Tap on the name of the project you want to share.
3. Tap on the Email Story button
4. Address your email to the person you want to send to.
5. The recipient will get an email to a web address where the project has been sent.
6. The recipient can download the project by right-clicking (control-clicking on the link).

Also, Storyrobe s
aves the project to the camera roll - then you can import it into iPhoto.

Mrs. Simson:
In my class, we did all our photo work first in the app "Photo Wall Lite".  With that, kids can put two or more pictures into a photo collage, change the background color, and add titles or captions.  They took a screen shot of each one to save it in their camera roll.  Then, when their script and storyboarding were finished, they pulled them into Storyrobe and recorded their narration. This really made things go smoothly!

Saving and continuing to work on a project.
If students are not able complete their projects in on session, there is a way to save the project for another time.
1. The student MUST record at least a couple of seconds and then tap Create Video.
2. They can then go back to the project by tapping on Open Story.
3. They can then select the story and tap Edit Story. * The photos will still be in the project, but the audio gets erased.
4. Students can add more photos and then re-record the entire story.
5. They MUST tap Create Video when they are finished recording.
Tom Borer,
Jan 11, 2011, 3:20 PM
Tom Borer,
Jan 11, 2011, 3:20 PM