***iRead Kickoff - Nov 14 Meeting***

Download file "iReadKickoffagenda.pdf"

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NOTE: If you need software (such as iWork 08) installed on your school computer, read here first. 


Keynote Intro

Keynote Retell Book Template

Random notes:
  1. If it's not on the Dock, look in the iWork '08 folder inside the Applications folder.
  2. Inspector > Document > Slide Size > 1200 x 1200 for a podcast.
  3. Fit in Window
  4. View > Show Format Bar
  5. to take a screen shot selection and save to desktop (apple-shift-4) or save to clipboard (apple-control-shift-4).
  6. Format a slide before making new slides (text object placement and alignment)
  7. option-drag makes a copy
  8. if you use a microphone (system preferences > sound)
Thoughts after trying this out:
  • thinking maps for writing, rehearse prior to writing
  • lit. response 
  • book hooks
  • summaries
  • historical figures speaking in 1st person
  • personification ex:parts of a cell speaking
  • reader's theater recordings
  • sound effects stories
  • vocabulary development students' voices 
  • explaining a concept ex: science, math (how to do long division)
GarageBand Intro - 

Timed Fluency Recordings ( Scott's Tempates) | Ted's Templates)

GarageBand Basics - handout Ted passed out,

Garage Band Ideas:

  • Reader's Theatre
  • Radio Play with sound effects
  • Students can hear their voice for different reasons
  • Daily announcements for the class or school
  • Student Interview
  • ELD Conversations
  • Asking Questions appropriately
  • Building Stories
  • Self and Peer Editing for Writing
  • Teacher can edit student track for accuracy
  • Memorizing Speeches and Poems
  • Saying Multiplication Tracks smoothly and fluently
  • Modeling Reading Strategies and Think Alouds
  • Student's Authentic Questioning or Wonderings
  • Record their California Mission Projects
  • Use District Benchmark Packets to record Student Reflections and Goal Setting (Voicing goals aloud helps to solidify)

ITunes Intro - 

Ripping CDs

Creating Playlists