*** iRead Mtg - Dec 12 ***

1. Intro - due dates for projects/where to post (10 min -  Kathy/Brad)

2. Plan for Testing (Kathleen - 10 min)
          Kathleen will bring tests to mtg

**** We are giving out one iPod touch at this mtg, so you can explore its use during the break.

3. Let's set up your pilot iPod. Where to get more help (10 min)

4. Using iTunes (Joe, Kathy, Ted - 60 min)
          Regular Playlist
          Smart Playlists
Naming your iPods
In iTunes
teacheremailname_typeofipod_number (e.g. kshirley_iPod_touch_01)

On the iPod
- The iPod is already engraved with EUSD.
- Label the iPod with its number
- Label the case with its number

5. Let's blog! (15 min)
 iPod touch first impressions
Keynote & GarageBand: What have you learned? What are your burning questions?