*** iRead Mtg Jan 23

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Jan 23, 2009, 3:30-5:30, CGEC, Willow Rm (copied from previous Google Site)

  1. Reading Comprehension - addressing direct and indirect activities that support it 
    1. Focus on non-fiction (expository stories)
      1. Use the 6 strategies from Strategies that Work/Houghton Mifflin
      2. Predict and Infer
      3. Monitor and Clarify
      4. Questioning
      5. Summarizing
      6. Visualizing
      7. Evaluate
      8. Developing oral, academic proficiency (indirect strategy)
    1. Show example strategies
  2. Sample Keynote Project
    1. Meet in groups to share*
    2. Report back to big group (summarize on blog)
      1. Do you feel your project addresses reading comprehension directly?  Why or why not?
      2. If it did not, how might you revise it, so that it would directly address RC?
  3. SpeakEasy
    1. Discuss use of iTunes Gift Cards, demo how to download an application on iTunes; which apps
    2. Demo SpeakEasy on iPod touch and iTunes
    3. Hands-on in  groups.  Choose one to download SpeakEasy (gets gift card and mic) 
    4. Go Here >>>>> Applications for iPod Touch
  4. Managing iPods in the classroom
  5. Q & A on iPod touch
  6. DISCUSS PROJECTS AND TIMELINE -- especially for those who believe they are "trailblazers."
  7. REVIEW iRead requirements!
  8. Equipment dispersal and explanation (check form & sign)

- discuss more project ideas
- discuss management ideas
- post ideas for Reading Comprehension strategies for iRead