When you first arrive to the meeting...
On your iPod
You'll need to purchase the App called "MobileStudio"

Here's how:

1 - Tap on the App called "App Store"
(On your iPod) 


2 - Search in the App Store for the App called "MobileStudio" (it's made by Pixio)

3 - Click on it and tap "BUY NOW"

4 - You'll need to type in your password for the iTunes Store account you have setup for the iPods.

5 - After downloading to your iPod, check to make sure others at your table have done it as well.

6 - Click here for a help-sheet for Mobile Studio

  • Downloading apps from an iPod
  • EYMF website; Project Review Standards
  • Groups:
    • 1:1
    • Grade level Groups
      • Review Projects
  • Why Voice Recording? What have kids discovered? Basic - can use built-in
  • Mobile Studio App Intro
    • Using it
    • Management
  • ReelDirector mention
Tom Borer,
Mar 2, 2010, 9:48 AM