Before meeting starts:

  1. Report Cards
  2. EYMF - https://sites.google.com/a/eusd.org/eymf/ 
  3. Apple Exemplary program - Feb 25th Board Mtg
  4. Visitations
  5. New data 
    1. to share
    2. needed
    3. Some teachers have given me some (Paul Erickson and Kim Buhler but I need them to translate it!)
    4. Reminder of ITBS in the spring
  6. New Classroom Management Videos (on the Sidebar)
  7. Groups
      1. Project 2 discussion - does not need to be a project - can be a routine with many opportunities to practice RC skills; those recording skills may be put to use in another big project, but that's not what we are looking for
      2. break into grade-level groups?
        1. plan "reflective routine" ideas
        2. Q&A
        3. share other apps, etc.