iRead Voluntary Meeting
April 28, 3:30-4:30
Bernardo School, Room 46

Gerald Lake will be sharing a simple process for creating
 and sharing both student and teacher eBooks, as well 
as demo Strip Designer, and PicMix.


Steps for creating an eBook
  1. Sigl
    1. changes pasted text into an eBook
      1. text pasted from the web can be goofy because of special characters
    2. Can add chapter breaks
  2. Calibre - application runs - acts as a server for the ePub books
    1. drag the ePub doc into Calibr and BAM
    2. can add meta data
  3. Student opens Stanza app - it looks for the server - downloads the book(s) to the iPod
Can be used to share handouts w/ students, student created books, etc.

Strip Designer
  • Like ComicLife
  • More sophisticated than ComicTouch
  • allows you to have two photos layered on ipod screen at once
  • can "erase" (make transparent) part of top photo to create different effects
    • example - placing a student in a picture of some place or thing