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2010-2011 Apptivities

2010-11 Procedures, Apptivities, and Projects

We have been sharing and posting ideas and projects on our individual iRead blogs for several years now, and teachers could always go to the blogs to get ideas. This year we will be moving to Edmodo to more easily share ideas instead.

One of our goals in iRead 2010-11 is to start to develop an easily accessible collection of mobile activities that can be utilized with our iPods and iPads.

*At this time, due to Apple's change in policy for purchasing Apps for Education, we will only be recommending apps that are FREE. If you would like to learn more about Apple's Volume Purchase Program, please click here.
Our new list of free replacement apps is here.

At the end of 2009-10 we started brainstorming some of these ideas on our District Google Docs.
...Now that you have been through at least one year of iRead, 
how would you plan and start your year differently...(before it all leaves your head)...

This summer, Apple Distinguished Educators, of which Kathy is a member, also concluded that collecting these ideas would be very useful and they coined the term Apptivities and developed a website to start collecting and sharing.

We are are working on our own version of that same idea and will be collecting and sharing ideas using our EUSD Appitivities Google Form.

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