EUSD iRead

iREAD is a group of teachers in Escondido Union School District dedicated to the idea that mobile devices can be powerful learning tools for all students. iREAD gives teachers a chance to create meaningful, curriculum-centered projects with your students. iREAD classrooms are using digital tools (iPods, iPads, and various creative mobile apps) to improve skills, engage in problem solving, and increase digital literacy.

iREAD has been recognized by the California School Boards Association as well as multiple times by the Classroom of the Future Foundation and Apple.

Click on Visitors to get an overview and detailed history of the iREAD program, recognitions, and awards.

The iREAD leadership team will continue working with the NETs team in supporting and training beginning teachers with the use of student & teacher technology in the classroom.

We will not be accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year and beyond.

For information about our district 1:1 iPad program, visit