01. The Basics


iPods by color of the ipod. For the iPod touches we have black cases. When you register the iPods, you can name them and you may change the iPod name at any time.


You may charge iPods on any computer with a USB port but don't sync them just click cancel.


Due to the small size of the equipment, it is better managed by the teacher. Teachers should have a plastic bucket with a lid for all of the equipment and keep it locked in a cabinet over night (you could also use ziploc bags, or small clear pencil boxes). The point is to secure the iPods. You want some way to see them easily when they are checked in. Each day, set up the iPod recording equipment on a table for recording/listening (or just make the ipods available). Students go to the same iPod each day (they can be numbered or just use the color). Teachers should manage charging the iPods as needed (they last a long time). Teachers should manage iTunes files and playlists initially. Older students can eventually get to the point where they can manage their own files of personal records in iTunes but that would be a step they can master after showing proficiency using the basics of the equipment. Each student should have their own fluency folder where they can manage fluency passages as well as their progress with pace and accuracy.

What to record

Student's name should be the first thing a child records each day as he/she begins recording. Date and time is not necessary as the iPod automatically records this information. Teachers may want to consider a sign in log for each iPod but it may not be necessary depending on

the class.


Use the same computer for all iPods. The newest model computer in your room would be the best choice.

How to list files in iTunes

Import/copy all of your classroom's instructional/curricular CD's. Create playlists for each Unit/Selection/week so students can easily click on that playlist to listen to that song/chant/story etc.

Project Ideas

    • Teacher or adult can record and read the leveled readers for student listening and create playlists.

    • Import/copy all of your classroom's instructional/curricular CD's for student listening.

    • To get a group of students to choral read as one voice. Have them record once, then listen to themselves. Then record to notice the audio difference.

    • For fluency, practice once as a cold read. Re-listen to the fluency with student. Determine errors with students. Re-read fluency for and notice the improvement.

The link below is for classroom tech (computer) management, but a lot of the ideas match managing iPod usage: