02. Getting Started Lesson Plan

Set routines will need to be established in the classroom in order for the successful use of iPods in the classroom to insure proper use and care.

Lesson 1: 20-30 mins

  • Management

    • start with a lesson that includes management routines

    • grouping if students will be sharing, how will that be decided, by teacher or student

    • consider students using the same iPod each time

    • have one person who will get and return the iPods and equipment for the group so that the iPods are return with all the equipment and in one piece

    • Students hands on training for using the iPods

      • caring for the iPod

      • buttons

      • controlling

      • using it as intended for the lesson

    • Management

      • returning iPods

      • making sure they are all there before students leave

    • checking that it is charged for the next use

Lesson 2: 20-30 mins

    • Management

      • repeat from lesson 1

      • equipment to use iPod and mic no other equipment at this time

    • Choose voice recording app to teach:

      • Demonstrate how to attach the mic then how they need to take remove to play back

      • Demonstrate whole class how to record and listen back

      • have students practice a simple interview between partners in group

      • one student asks questions then other answers then repeat with other student asking questions

      • allow each group member to record and play back during the interview

    • Management

      • allow time to return iPods

      • repeat from lesson 1